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Don Quixote de la Mancha returns home from a mission of mercy.

My Good fellow,

How delightful to return home to find your message!

I had been called away at short notice to assist the defence of a nearby village by giants of most sinister intent. They have been duly routed and I have returned to my villa to refresh.

I am a little uneasy at being your 'big brother' however if this is what you wish I will accede to your wishes. No harm will come of it.

I am indeed fully Australian, except for a small piece of metal embedded in my head that owes it parentage to the Krupps Iron Refinery.

Sadly being away has meant that I have been unable to pursue issues related to your fax and organising the trip to Benin. This shall be given the highest priority on Monday morning.

Do I understand you to be saying that a visa is not required? Will this not create problems at the airport? Please confirm this for me. (Swine!)

Now I must go and prepare the horses for the trip. (He may pick up on this. Don Quixote cannot travel without his horses, can he? Air France may not be happy though.)

Yours most sincerely,

Don Quixote

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