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Nelson says that there is no problem travelling without a visa!

Big brother,

Thank you for your mail, I am very happy to hear from you again as I was worried since I did not receive any mail from you previously. I have attempted to call your number several times but no one was responding to my phone call, I really want to talk to you. As we have started this transaction, we need to be on phone communication as well.

As per the visa issue to Benin Republic, there will be no problem if you travel without the visa, as I will liaise with the director of the security company to clear you at the airport and pick you up at the airport. But if you are not comfortable to travel without a visa, the company can as well get for you and your party what is known as ŃCABLE VISAń.

In this case I want you to fax to me a photocopy of the data pages of your passport and that of your woman and your servant so that I will forward it to the security company on Monday to get the cable visa for three of you.

I have to make a very perfect arrangement to ensure that our transaction goes on smoothly as I would not want you to travel to Benin Republic without achieving our set objective. Therefore, let us comply and collaborate fully for things to work out as perfected.

I will be expecting to receive a copy of the agreement on Monday after you have reviewed and probably signed it. Also I will expect you to inform me when will be convenient for you and your party to arrive in Benin Republic because time is not on our favor at this time. I will suggest we make the trip any time next week, how about that?


Barr. Nelson.

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