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The money is carefully gold dust - so no-one will think of stealing it.

Ummm...have I missed something? I would have thought gold dust was well worth stealing.

More so, if you look at the two photos below and imagine them full of gold dust and then try and guess the weight of them I suspect that they may sail past the 45kg stated on the Certificate of Deposit.

While we are on the COD, you will see that the city of origin is given as "COTONUO". Actually it is spelt "COTONOU". And purists would spell 'SWITZERLAD' with an 'N' between the 'A' and the 'D'. Technical points, I know.

But the certificate is stamped "True Copy" (on an angle, of course) so it must be genuine.

Big brother,

Happy weekend.

I just want to let you know that the Costal Security Company will be contacting you tomorrow morning Benin time, so endeavor to be available to answer their call in case they decide to contact you via telephone.

Please if you are contacted do get me informed and let me know your discussion with them because it is my duty to guide you appropriately so as to avoid mistakes. And for your information, the security company does not know the content of the consignment, so you must not disclose it to them whenever you are contacted. The content was declared as gold dust consignment for security reasons as we feel that some one might steal the money if we disclose the true content. (And they wouldn't steal gold dust? Bull dust!)

I wish to show you the pictures of the content of the consignment to assure you that the content is truly the money ($15.5million). (I am enormously comforted, Nelson) The baggage handlers took the picture during the packaging and movement of the consignment to Cotonou, Benin Republic. In one of the pictures you will see a Lebanese man packaging the money properly, this was when he was about to seal the boxes so that no one will discover the content.

Photo 1 | Photo 2

Note importantly that these pictures are very confidential, you must not disclose to any one, this transaction requires an absolute confidentiality if we really want to work out some thing successfully on this transaction. (You can trust me.)

Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

Best regards,


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