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Don Quixote laments Air france's reluctance to take his horse.

My Good Fellow,

Thank you so much for the concise letter and the photographic verification of the funds in question.

I am in receipt of your documents and will be faxing them back to you on Wednesday, local time. They appear to be in order, certainly of an order normally associated with such documents, and as such they are most acceptable.

I am looking at arriving in the Republic of Benin (Cotonou) on November 11th, flying Air France, flight AF 814. It arrives at 8:10 in the evening.

If your are sure that you can negotiate me through immigration I will waive the tedious process of visa application. I am in your hands, good sir!

It distresses me that I do not appear to be able to find a way of bringing my horse with me. What is a knight errant without a horse? Air France are adamant that it is not an option. I even offered to pay for a seat for it even though it would stand for the entire trip. Am I being unreasonable?

Yours most chivalrously,

Don Quixote.

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