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Things seem to be progressing smoothly enough...

Big brother,

I spoke with the director of the costal security company this morning and he complained that he tried to call you but you did not answer his phone call. What is actually the problem? (I'd turned the phone off. Is that a problem?) I told you to try and be available to answer your phone call that the company will be calling you. I want to suggest you give me your residential telephone number or mobile (cellular) number where you can be reached even after working hours because of time difference between Australia and Africa.

The director of the company in Cotonou also assured me that they will handle every thing with the Immigration at the airport, they will dispatch the companyâs protocol officer to the airport who will meet you directly inside the tarmac and take you to a hotel (read "cell") where you will lodge. This is the major reason why the director must speak with you so as to know exactly when you will be arriving and the time, this information are very vital because an arrangement has to be made with the Immigration in advance. So be rest assured that you wonât experience any trouble with the Immigration, just try to comply and speak with the director and waive off the idea of visa application.

Note importantly that upon your arrival in Cotonou on the 11th November, you will need to open an account in a bank the following day where the fund will be deposited as soon as it is claimed from the security company. This is very necessary because it will be risky to just pick up the consignment without making any arrangement where it will be kept. So if you open the account, we will go to the security company and you claim the consignment, then we take it to the bank to deposit it and wire it to your account in Australia.

I have negotiated with two bank managers of two commercial banks where you will open an account. It is not advisable to deposit the total money in one account at the same time because it will raise an eyebrow. One of the bank managers I negotiated with will be meeting me in the evening on the 11th November in my hotel room to finalize the arrangement. They told me that you would have to open a dollar account with a minimum deposit of US$5,000.00, each which makes it a total of US$10,000.00 to open two different accounts because of the volume of money that will be deposited into the account

In this regards, you have to travel with a total sum of US$10,000.00 to open a dollar account so that we will conclude every thing before going to the security company. I have made all necessary contacts as regards to that, and the manager will come over to collect the necessary requirements to open the account as soon as you arrive. (That is just fantastic! How can I thank you for being so organised?)

Furthermore, since I will be meeting you in Cotonou, I am capable to take care of my travel expenses to Cotonou but my accommodation will be a problem. So please try to make arrangement to cover my accommodation expenses as well, it is very important that I should be available with you in Cotonou as your close confidant. (Do you snore?) You know this is Africa and you are coming to Africa base on my request, so I have to give you every legal protection and backing to ensure that the consignment is given an appropriate handling.

While I wait to receive the signed agreement from you on Wednesday, please endeavor to comment on this mail and let me know your mind concerning opening of an account. How about your servant and your woman, are they still coming with you? If Air France does not want to carry your horse, donât worry I am going to make arrangement to hire one for you in Cotonou. (Goodie!) You really deserve it BIG BROTHER.

Finally, there are some charges the security company will expect you to pay in Cotonou before the consignment will be released. My client was not able to pay the deposit charge when the consignment was deposited because of her financial difficulties and secondly the daily charges on the consignment since the day (date) the consignment was deposited. The director will calculate these charges and will notify you the total charges that are due for settlement to their company. When you get the total figure from him, we shall then discuss on how we can raise money to settle it and then raise it before you travel to Cotonou otherwise the security company will not release the consignment to you. (Nay Jimmy, I'll no be sendin' ya any o' my money!)

Best regards,



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