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Don Quixote works on tidying up a loose end or two...

My Dear Fellow,

Thank you so much for your letter; the arrangements are obviously in very good hands! It shows all the signs of being most competently organised.

I will be in the Villa to take the call from from the security company. We are currently at GMT+9 on the eastern seaboard.

I will be most grateful to leave the immigration procedures to your confederates; I do find such things most remarkably tedious at the best of times. Please advise the director that the scheduled time of arrival is 2010hrs. That is all I can really tell him today when he rings. There is always a chance of delay on the day over which I have no control.

Your offer of provision of a horse is most kind and I will embrace it most joyously. It does simplify the travel arrangements quite considerably.

Most certainly I will have access to the credit needed to open the two accounts. Will it need to be money in the tangible sense or will access to electronic transfer be sufficient?

Can you recommend a good hotel, of sufficient quality to do justice to a party such as mine? Most assuredly, Sancho Panza and my lady Dulcinea will be travelling with me. We always travel together. I will, of course, cover your accommodation at the same hotel. Do they have a stable for the horse?

With regard to the fees for the security company, I am not convinced that these are my responsibility. Your client will need to address this issue herself. But I am sure that that is easily done with such a large 'inheritance' coming to her.

I am beginning to get a bit excited about this now. The smell of adventure is in the air! I have been too sedentary for too long!

Yours most sincerely,

Don Quixote.

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