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Nelson seems to be getting into the spirit of things...

Big brother,

Thanks for your wonderful reply and your urgent preparation to visit Cotonou to finalize our transaction. I will be most grateful to welcome you and your party; I canāt wait to see you in Cotonou. (I bet!)

On the issue of opening a dollar account in Cotonou, you have to bring with you the sum of US$10,000.00. This will be paid into the account as a minimum account deposit/balance before the fund (US$50.5M) will be deposited into the two accounts. The account will not be valid unless we make an initial minimum deposit because of the magnitude amount of money we are going to deposit into the account within 24hrs. (That doesn't make a lot of sense, Nelson. There are not many banks that would knock back a US$50.5M deposit.)

After the US$50,500,000.00 is being deposited into the account, the fund will then be wired to your bank account in Australia by electronic transfer as you mentioned. But for the US$10,000.00 for the opening of an account, you have to bring it, and a passport photograph, photocopy of your international passport or drivers license. These are the requirements the banks requires to open the account after you complete the bank opening account forms when you arrive in Cotonou.

The Sheraton hotel will be sufficient enough for any kind of party, so we can lodge at the Sheraton hotel in Cotonou, Benin Republic. I will travel to Cotonou, Benin Republic during the weekend to make a reservation for three people at the Sheraton hotel. I will like to know if your lady and your servant will stay in the same room with you or your lady alone with you. I need to know the number of rooms that will be reserved please. The Sheraton hotel should have a stable for the horse, I will confirm it when I travel to Cotonou this weekend then I will let you know about it.

On the issue of settlement for the deposit charge and daily charge, it is the responsibility of my client when the consignment was deposited with her name as the beneficiary. I will like to refer you back to my initial proposal to you, my client cannot afford to receive the consignment personally because her bank accounts has been frozen. The family is left with no money and they are now surviving based on support from friends and well-wishers. And the reason why she decided to change the ownership to your name is just to make you feel comfortable to handle her inheritance as your personal affairs.

So big brother, if you have made up your mind to assist in the receiving of the consignment and investment of the funds for the family, I solicit to you to consider settling any charges due to claim and receive the consignment. Remember you will be adequately compensated after the transaction is concluded and besides, any expenses you will incur during this transaction shall first be reimbursed to you after you have collected the consignment before the disbursement. (Oooo...I suppose I might.)

This is why I introduced a legal agreement for the security of the two parties involved, just count on me. I am solidly behind you and you will definitely get whatever is due for you as agreed. If you study my first proposal and the documents I sent to you by fax you will discover that it is your responsibility as well to settle the charges, after all the funds will be in your account until the disbursement.

Finally, I will like you to fax to me your flight schedule to Cotonou, Benin Republic so that the security company will know the exact time you will arrive in Cotonou. (But I have already told you, Nelson!) And also I will like you to indicate your interest to do every thing possible to claim the consignment on behalf of my client.

Best regards,


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