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The phone runs hot. Two calls from Nelson. If he notices that I don't sound like a 75 year old semi-Spaniard he is too polite to comment. Also a call from the security company.

My Dear fellow,

It was delightful to speak to you this evening. You sound a proper gentleman. I look forward to meeting you in person.

The gentleman from the security firm rang shortly after I spoke to you.

Have no fear, I will bring the requisite funds to open the accounts you require. Naturally I will have a passport that will assist with the identification process. A copy is attached, as faxes seem problematical between here and Nigeria.

I am perfectly happy to stay at the Sheraton; in all honesty I am impressed that Cotonou has a Sheraton at all. We will require two rooms.

As I said on the phone I am open to paying the deposit and daily charges but would wish to personally confirm the state and presence of the consignment first. This is not to say that I doubt either yourself or the gentlemen running the security firm; it is just sound and prudent business procedures.

Attached, God willing, to this epistle is the agreement you require, a copy of my passport, and a copy of my flight itinerary.

Yours chivalrously,

Don Quixote.

P.S. Are you married Sir? Do you have children? Can I bring a small gift for them?

P.S.S. I am having trouble send the attachments. I will send them separately.


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