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Oh well, he is not totally dumb. A little explaining will be called for.

Big Brother.

Dear Mr. Don,

I must confess you too sounded a real gentleman; it is difficult for me to believe that you are above 40yrs. You speak like a young man and in a deed a handsome man as seen in your passport. (Oh, I LIKE you Nelson!) I keep telling you that I canāt wait to see and meet with you.

I have given the signed agreement to my client and she has asked me to keep it with me for security reasons, and I also showed her your passport which made her to feel more relaxed and comfortable doing business with you. She sends greetings to you and your party that will be coming to meet me in Cotonou.

On the deposit and daily charges, there is no problem about that, I agree with you to pay upon confirming the state and presence of the consignment. I understand you very well and I do not feel bad about it. (Dashed decent, old chap!) It is in deed a proper system of doing business. I am sure the director of the security firm will call you tomorrow to give you the total figure that has to be paid so that you will as well raise the fund. In case you hear from him again, endeavor to keep me posted on your discussion.

I am happily married and with two children (2yrs and 4yrs), a male and female. Thank you very much if you wish to bring some gift for them, I will also need some thing from you like a good quality wrist watch for me and my lovely wife. (Fair bite of the pineapple doughnut, Nelson. That's a bit rich.) I have told her about you and that I will be meeting you on Monday next week, I need to tell her some thing good about you so that she will leave me to travel this coming weekend. You know, women love their husbands to be around them always.

Anyhow, I thank you for the promise and look forward to hear from you again tomorrow probably after you have spoken with the security firm director.

Kind regards,


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