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A little clarification.

Good Morning Sir,

Thank you for your kind words in your most recent letter.

I have always been blessed with a good 'young' voice, it has served me well over the years as it sounds 'fresh' on the telephone, but I owe all my looks to Dr Polly Urethane, a plastic surgeon at St John's Hospital in Sydney.

When I started to permit My Lady Dulcinea to accompany me I felt a need to improve my looks and Dr Urethane did a most sterling job. It was an affectation I know but I feel so much better for it. They say that you are only as old as the woman you feel. If that is true then I am just eighteen! My Lady is young but most endearingly attentive. Perhaps it shows in my voice. But my face needed urgent attention. I trust that you don't disapprove of a little vanity in a man?

A wrist watch? Capital! I was still pondering the puzzle of what would be a most suitable gift. What is her name? I will have it engraved. And if she wishes to be around you, bring her to meet me! I feel it is have the joy of giving to see the pleasure in the eyes of the happy recipient.

As you can see from the itinerary I have treated us to a week in Benin. I felt it wasteful to come so far and not survey the area. Can you suggest some places that are worth visiting after the principal business is concluded?

I must start my day now. The animals are restless.

Yours most respectfully,

Don Quixote.

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