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Tranqillizes his mind?

Bastard! Is this guy insulting me, or what?

Big Brother.

Dear Mr. Don,

Whenever I read your mail it tranquilizes my mind, because when my client assigned the duty to me to search for a reliable foreigner who can handle the transaction I felt as if I was asked to carry the whole world on my head as I took it to be a very mighty task for me to handle. But since I got some one like you though we have not met, I became very relieved as I was afraid before not to fall into a wrong hand, I was always praying whenever I am searching on the internet because I know very well that if I succeed for my client my financial life will change and I thank God that the dream is becoming a reality and I say a BIG THANK YOU.

The name of my wife is JANE, she will be very glad and happy to have such a gift from you, I would have bring her along with me but she is very heavy now, by the grace of God she will have another baby for me by next week. She asks for a nice camera as well and she said she would like to make some African traditional wears for you and your lady as a gift. So give me your measurement and that of your lady so that she can start making it now before the day I will be traveling to Cotonou.

When you come over to Cotonou there are places to visit, I do not know much places in Cotonou because it is not in Nigeria, but the director has been a nice person to me. So since he stays in Cotonou, he will take us round to visit many places. He has requested for your passport and flight schedule and I have forwarded it to him this evening and he said the same thing I said about your beauty. In fact, Dr. Polly did a very nice wonderful work on your face.

Oh, You have started a new day while I am about to end my Wednesday, well that is GodÔs doing. I wish you a very wonderful day and God bless you.

Kinds regards,


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