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Measurements are give. (My Lady Dulcinea comes in at 38-24-33. Who am I kidding?).

Had a chat with Nelson and his wife, Jane, on the phone. Sounded a little older today. Easily done, I am knackered!

My Good Fellow,

I was delightful to converse with you and your good wife this evening. She is indeed a most fortunate woman having such a resourceful chap as yourself as a husband. I hope our visit will not compromise your need to be with her at the birth of your third child?

As requested, our measurements are:

Myself: height: 187cm, chest 105cm, waist 110cm.

My lady's measurements are height 170cm, bust 97, waist 60cm, hips 85cm

But should your wife de doing such things, so close to confinement? Please, I do not wish to impose on her so close to the birth of your child. If she does not have the time we will not be offended.

I have yet to hear from the security gentleman but there is still time.

Yours most sincerely,

Don Quixote.

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