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Nelson tries for a last minute sting. He rings me at 6:45am and asks if I have read his last email (No). Says he will ring back in 10mins after I have read it. It goes as follows:

Big Brother.

Dear Mr. Don,

I have just returned back from the journey feeling very wick and tired, it was a journey of eight hours to and fro and I drove through tout the whole journey. I thank God for he granted us a journey mercy back to the city of Lagos.

There is one little problem that is facing me at this moment, which I must solve by tomorrow and it is for the interest of our appointment in Cotonou and also for my wife. I will like you to do me a favor, it maybe difficult but I have faith that it is some thing that you are capable to do for a fellow brother.

My wife must fly to London tomorrow where she will deliver her baby on the instruction of her doctor whom we went to see today, and I must fly to Benin Republic on Saturday in order to finalize every arrangement in advance before your arrival on Monday. Now I need to buy ticket for my wife and my little son who will be traveling with her tomorrow and also I need to get myself a ticket to fly to Cotonou on Saturday morning. (Oh, Nelson!)

So far, I have ran short of money and will like to beg you for the sum of US$1,200.00 only to enable me solve all the pressing needs first thing tomorrow morning (Friday) in Nigeria. I donât mean you should dash the money to me, I am asking for the money on the bases of ăIOUä, I will pay back after our meeting in Cotonou. I would not mind if you forget bringing any gift for my children and my wife and just give me the US$1,200.00. (Really? That would be most uncivilized!)

My Big Brother, I donât want to stress you (I'm not stressed. I'm a carrier.) , if you canât afford it just donât worry I will find an alternative, but I just said I should intimate you about my problem as my own fellow brother. If you can afford to send it to me before tomorrow (Friday) morning in Nigeria then send it to me by western union money transfer in using the information below.





Did you hear from the security company at last? My wife insisted that she would make the African traditional wears for you and your lady. She collected the measurements already. She will make it tonight so that she will finish it before she leaves for London tomorrow, her condition will not stop her to make it according to her. (She's a good woman, Nelson.)

I wish to thank you in anticipation of your kind assistant and God bless you.

Kids regards,


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