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Nelson hasn't replied after 30mins. I send the following email, just as the phone starts to ring:

My Good Fellow,

This is most irregular!

And why did you not ring back like you promised?

But I will see what I can do. It is most difficult as it is a bank holiday today. You have given me no time to organise this at all. How am I to send the money at such short notice?

I will see what I can do but my hands are tied to a large extent by the banks being closed.

You do seem such a nice young gentleman that I feel almost bound to trust you to repay the money, if I can get it. But please note: you have had nine months to organise these things - you must plan better if you want to get on in life.

Please also note that I did not get to where I am now by handing out money to everyone who asked for it.

It is most irregular, most irregular indeed.

The watch for your wife is also a problem as it has already been engraved and I do not know another Jane. The toys I can return.

Please ensure that you manage you financial details a little more competently in future.

Where will your wife and son be staying in London? Is it anywhere near the Windmill Theatre?

Are they well cared for? What about medical expenses?

Perhaps I could do a day-trip from Paris on my return leg and visit her? What is you son's name?

Why is the telephone so quiet?

Forgive me. I am a bit confused and annoyed at the moment; I will have a nice cup of tea and calm down in a few minutes.

Yours most perplexed,

Don Quixote.

On the phone, I explain to Nelson that if only he had told jme yesterday, maybe I could have done something. Also I query whether Jane would be permitted to fly in her condition. He assures me she would. I say that I will see what I can do.

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