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Sadly, Don Quixote was not able to send the money...

My Dear Nelson,

Are you in trouble, that you need to change your email? (I received a short email telling me that for security reasons (?) he had changed his email address.)

I spent far too much time today trying to find ways of sending you the money you need. All to no avail.

In the end I rang Air France and asked them about your wife and her transport to London. They were adamant that she would absolutely not be permitted to fly within 4 weeks of the end of her pregnancy and therefore I have assumed (correctly, I hope) that the money will not be needed.

With regard to the security firm, I received their fax. They say that they require $75,500. This is a bit steep but as long as the reimbursement from Mrs Abacha's transfer is obtained quickly should not cause me too much embarrassment.

Obviously with the banks closed today I was not able to obtain this money as cash (and in all honest I am slightly relieved by that) but I am lead to believe that my bank has an arrangement with the Continental Bank in Cotonou (Jean Paul II Ave.) and that I should be able to clear the money through them. Unfortunately it may take until Thursday to arrange.

I head off tomorrow. I believe that I will be able to check my email at Singapore airport and most definitely during my stopover in Paris.

If I cannot contact you over the weekend, I look forward to seeing you in Cotonou on Monday evening.

My Lady Dulcinea is packing as I type. I fear I am in store for an excess baggage charge. Why is it women have no idea on how to travel light?

Yours quite excited,

Don Quixote.

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