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Just a tame little email letting Nelson know that we have reached Singapore. The phone in my study has been ringing fairly consistently every hour or so. Doesn't he know I am travelling to Benin?

Perhap I am doing him an injustice - perhaps all the calls are market researchers wanting to know my opinion on chocolate flavoured haemorrhoid cream. Perhaps not.

My Dear Nelson,

You would not believe how hot and balmy it is here. You could cut the air with a knife.

My Lady Dulcinea and my man Sancho Panza are firmly ensconced in the bar drinking anything with ice in it.

We leave from here in a little over two hours time. The Singapore to Paris leg is a terrible one - I think it is about 18 hours. I suppose it is better than a ship. There are some members of my party who will sleep for the entire time I suspect. Probably due to the ice.

I did not find any mail from you so either you are en-route to Cotonou or this coin operated computer booth is not working correctly. I sincerely hope it is the former.

I trust you and your dear wife are well.

Yours tropically,

Don Quixote.

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