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My Dear Nelson,

'Bonjour' from Paris.

We have just reached our hotel after a long and tiresome passage through French customs. My Lady Dulcinea is about her ablutions and then we shall sally forth for a meal and a show once she is done. I favour the Moulin Rouge but I am not sure that she will approve.

I will contact you when we return after the show.

I forgot to mention a small problem I had when we were leaving Australia. The man on passport control did not want to let us leave without a valid visa for the Republic of Benin. I am a little worried about this. In the end I had to use some of the $10,000 I have put aside to open the accounts in Cotonou to bribe him. So when we arrive I will need to visit the Continental Bank to get some more cash.

I hope this does not cause unnecessary anguish.

Our flight leaves Paris at 1355hrs tomorrow.

Yours most respectfully,

Don Quixote.

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