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Nelson heads to Cotonou:

(Oh, for the international audience, a 'dunny' is an Australian term for an outdoor toilet.)

Big Brother.

Dear Mr. Don,

I was about to travel to Cotonou this night before I saw your mail and I decided to reply you immediately though I am not too sure if you will have access again to check your mail before you leave Paris. (Probably not, no.)

Anyhow, due to the condition of my wife I could not travel early today but after sending this mail I will be going to Cotonou immediately. I do not know the hotel I will lodge when I arrive but I will meet with the director of the security company tomorrow morning so that I will make sure that they assign thier protocol officer to the airport to clear you from the immigration. Then I will be able to track you when the protocol officer goes to the airport to pick you and your party.

There is no problem about the shortage of the $10,000 since you are very sure that there won't be any difficulty to get cash from the Continental bank. (Ah, it'll be a piece of cake, Nelson!)

Please my big brother, no one should be informed in Paris the reason why you are visiting Cotonou, if there should be any difficulty in Paris because of visa, try to handle it very perfectly. (Mais oui!) I am assuring you that there won't be any trouble once you arrive in Cotonou, the arrangement is well solid. ( a brick dunny, no doubt.)

Looking forward to meeting you in Cotonou tomorrow. (Oh...)

Best regards,

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