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Nelson is puzzled, frustrated and lonely.

Big Brother.

Dear Mr. Don,

I have waited at the airport until every body left and I could not find you, even the protocol officer of the security company was at the airport with me in order to clear you from the immigration as planned. We were there until the flight landed at about 8:30 pm, I then decided to send you an email to know what happened since you did not send any mail to me today as usual.

Whatever be the case, try and reach me, I am already in Cotonou frustrated, I do not know any body in this country except the director of the security company whom I have been discussing with in respect of the transaction. I still can' beleive that you were not in the air france flight that came this night, why?

Anyhow, I have managed to get a phone so you can call me and let me know the situation of things. The number to contact me is 00 229 685567, please make sure you call me because I am just confused now. Why did you not send any mail to me yesterday?

Best regards,

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