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Come Sancho! Adventures are before us!

Dear Mr Kalu,

Thank you for your email.

Sadly I could not get a connection to the site you referred to. ( I guess it was because of congestion.

I do not know if I can help you but I do take pride in supporting worthy quests.

I am a country gentleman, no longer young.

Being retired I have much time for books and often study them through the night and I am appalled of the injustices rampant in the world. How do I make better a world where evil brings profit and virtue none at all?

Help you? Of course I will!

You have asked for my details. They are as follows:

Electric telephone: xxxx xxxx
Facsimile: xxxx xxxx
(No country code. Let him guess.)

Please be telling me how I may assist you in this quest.

Yours chivalrously,

Don Quixote.

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