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The phone has rung three times tonight...

Dea Mr. Don,

Where are you now? Please just send me an email and let me know where you are and what has happened, it is a very big surprise to me that you just disappeared without a word from you. I am here in Cotonou since Sunday night leaving my wife alone with a pregnancy that is due, if you had told me that you will not make it yesterday I would not had wasted my time to come here. I am confused big brother, I waited at the airport with the protocol officer for more than one hour after the flight landed, you were not in the flight you gave me its flight itinerary, does it mean that you gave me a false information? I would not like to conclude that you have been playing on me all this while, if you are not coming just send me an email and tell me so that I will go back home and take care of my wife.



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