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Well, I think he is well aware of a counter scam. He is not too fussed by what is going on.

Dear Mr. Newbery,

Thank you for giving me information about Mr. Quixote.

I waited for his arrival at the airport and when the air france flight landed he was not in the flight so I became worried and confused. Now that I have heard from you, my mind is now relaxed.

I had wanted to go back to my country today before I got the information from you, so I will like to know when they will be free to continue thier journey to Cotonou. He should let me know what will be his next step after being released and ask him if I should stay or not.


Nelson Kalu Esq. (Esquire?)

Well, he hasn't given up either....

Dear Mr. Newbery,

I have been expecting to hear from you again to know the condition of Mr. Don Quixote and his party. Did you receive my email yesterday and did you talk with Mr. Don Quixote?

Kindly respond to me and give me more information about his release because I have been worried since I have not heard from you again.

Thank you.

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