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Back in your box, Nelson.

Nelson Kalu, Esq.

Dear Mr Kalu,

While I do understand your impatience, please remember that you are not my client and I contacted you purely out of courtesy to Mr Quixote.

Should you wish more detailed correspondence you may formally engage my services. My rates are $200 per hour or $1,000 per day.

While we are operating on a charitable basis, please realise that my first loyalty is to my paying clients.

Now, to your question. I fully expect Mr Quixote and entourage to be paroled on Thursday. Bail monies have been arranged. It is uncertain whether the defendants will be permitted to stay in the country or will be expelled, persona non gratia.

I will convey your concern to Mr Quixote and request that he contact you as soon as he is released.

Yours in law,

J. Cosmo Newbery, LLB,

Newbery & Associates.

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