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Nelson is confused.

Dear Mr. Don,

I must confess to you that I am sick and tired of this matter. (Oh Nelson! How can you say such a thing?) I have waited several days here in Cotonou until today I had to come back to Nigeria because my wife gave birth to a baby boy. (Bravo!) I can't understand what has really gone wrong with you. I was told that you will be released today but I have not heard from you yet which means that you are still being detained. But why must you do such a thing in another country? You over acted and I am afraid if you will still be allowed to continue your journey to Cotonou if you are released.

However, I will be awaiting your response, as soon as I hear from you I will proceed to Cotonou. Every arrangement remains the same, except the person I hired his horse because of you. (Tee hee!) The horse has been tied down since last Monday as I was hoping that you will arrive as scheduled. So far, the horse has accumulated a lot of charge because the owner charges $100.00 daily as the rentage. So whenever you come the horse will be available but we must pay for the number of days that it has been kept. (Chicken feed! Well, okay, horse fodder.)

Looking forward to hear from you soonest.

Best regards,


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