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Now Nelson understands! (Wish I did!)

Big Brother,

I am very happy to hear that you have been released and I have now been able to understand the reason why you did such thing. It is good for one to take adventures in life, but it is only some body of your age that will take such adventure and be free. One day I will do same thing and that will be when I will also be old like you.

My son has not been named until after seven days; there will be a special ceremony known as NAMING CEREMONY. It is during this ceremony that he will be named, maybe I will name him after you since I was out of the country to meet with you on the day he came into the world. I will talk to my wife about it, but if I have to name him after you, you will give so many gifts to him according to tradition. I know you are capable to do such a thing anyway, I will tell my wife about it.

However, it is good that you are free but I must as, why are you in Egypt? You are supposed to proceed to Cotonou immediately after you are released. Please I need to know why you are there. If you get a friendly travel agent, when will you be in Cotonou because my client is very worried?

Best regards,


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