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Well, he seems keen enough.
Sorry about the country code.


I am glad to read your email accepting to help claim the money and invest it for the family of Dr. Mrs. Abacha who is my client.

As you already have been informed in my proposal, the boxes (consignment) where moved to a security company located in Republic of Benin. Can you travel to this country in Africa to claim the boxes? If you cannot, then I can arrange for it to be shipped to any of the branches of the security company either in Europe, Asia, South America, United Sates of America and you will go to claim it.

Please what is the country code of the telephone and fax numbers you stated in your email? I will like to contact you by phone, you can contact me on my direct telephone number 234 1 7758067 so that we can discuss and then forge ahead on the transaction. We need to start urgently because the family wants the money to be invested before the end of this year as the security company are charging them a lot of money daily to keep the boxes in their custody.

Once again, I thank you for your kind interest and cooperation.



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