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Nelson seems upset.

Dear Mr. Don,

I have been to the airport again today with the protocol officer and still you are not in the flight you gave me its number. I am now begining to see a sign of unseriousness on your side, it is very unfair for you to have made me to come to Cotonou and you did not come. (Unfair? Moi?)

See, I am a busy man and I have some other important things to do elsewhere. My coming here is just because you are not coming with a visa, so my presence is highly required in order to make sure that the protocol officer goes to the airport to clear you from the airport.

As it stands now, I have no confidence in you again and I can't stay in Cotonou for tomorrow again, I have to leave tomorrow morning. If you are very sure and serious of coming, then call the protocol officer before you come or after you arrive, he will come to pick you at the airport. Then I will immediately fly over to Cotonou again, otherwise I can't be here again to waste my precious time. (Self! Self! Self! What about me? What about my time?)

You can reach the protocol officer on his number 229 015389, you must call him if you are coming otherwise you will be held at the airport because you don't have a visa. (Don't I know it!)



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