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Hands up all those who chose 1, 2 AND 3?

Dear Mr. Cosmos,

This is in deed a very shocking news to me, what a tragedy. This is a man I have been expecting to meet physically for the past one week now. It is very unfortunate, I still cannot beleive this news except if I see his remains. Please I need an information from you how I can go to Tunisia (North Sahara) to see his remains urgently before he will be taken back to his country. (I suppose I could give you the bare bones of how to go about it...) I never expected that his journey to meet with me shall not come to pass, I would had travelled to Australia to meet with him.

Anyway, I will take it to be the wish of God as he knows the reason why I did not meet with him as planned until the day death took him away from me. Death is inevitable, I beleive that God has called him to rest but it is very unfortunate that such a man has finally gone in a time that I and my client really require his assistant and service. (Unfortunate for who?) It is a big problem to us, my client collapsed and was rushed to the hospital when I broke the sad news to her this evening, God will take control of her and it is only through you that my client can be able to withstand the shock now and bear the unfortunate lost of Mr. Don Quixote.

I have regarded you as Mr. Don Quixote‚s lawyer and I wish to explain to you my relationship with Mr. Quixote at this point in time so that you can help me in this matter as a legal practioner. My client (Dr. Mrs. Mariam Abacha) is the wife of the former late President of Nigeria, Gen Sani Abacha who died on June 8, 1998. A new Military President took over power immediately after his death, and in 1999 the democratic government of President Olusegun Obasanjo took over power after election.

The present democratic government of President Olusegun Obasanjo discovered that late Gen Sani Abacha looted belions of funds belonging to the Nigeria government, so all his foreign accounts and investments where frozen and seized by the government of Nigeria which affected his family. His first son was arrested, detained or several years and was released on bail resently.

Due to presures that was mounted on Dr. Mrs. Mariam Abacha by the government to give information where the looted funds (Loot, loot, glorious loot...) are kept, she secretly moved the sum of US$50,500,000.00 cash to Cotonou in Benin Republic. This amount of money is being packaged in two trunk boxes and was deposited in a security company in Cotonou for safe keeping so that the government of Nigeria will not see the money as she wants to use the money to start a new investment since all the family‚s investments has been taken over by the government.

Furthermore, she is being placed under survillance by the government and all her family‚s travelling documents where siezed by the government denying her the opportunity to travel out side the country to handle the investments personally with the US$50,500,000.00. It was in this situation that she asked me to seek for s foreigner who will go to claim the boxes on her behalf from the security company and then invest the money, so I searched through the internet and luckily or unfortunately got Mr. Don Quixote for the transaction and we commenced. (Luckily, Nelson, luckily.)

So far I have on the instruction of my client given a power of attorney to Mr. Don Quixote to go to Cotronou, Benin Republic and claim the trunk boxes from the security company. And the security company has already changed the ownership of the consignment to the name of Mr. Don Quixote as the new beneficiary to enable him claim the trunk boxes and he was supposed to visit Cotonou to collect the trunk boxes last week and this week before he died. Now it has become a problem to us because the ownership cannot be changed by the security company without an authentic authorization of Mr. Don Quixote who is now the beneficiary of the trunk boxes.

Therefore, we require your assitant as the lawyer of Mr. Don Quixote to come and claim the trunk boxes so that my client will not loose her money. We agreed to give to Mr. Don Quixote a certain percentage for the service and we are prepared to give more than we agreed to you if you will kindly assist in this matter. There is no risk, I will be with you if you will come as I also promised Mr. Don Quixote.

Thanking you for in anticipation of your prompt response and kind assistant.

Yours sincerely,

Nelson Kalu Esq.

Nelson K. Chambers. (Chambers!?)

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