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Nelson shows levels of persistence verging on the heroic.

Dumb but heroic.

Dear Mr. Newberry,

Thank you for your mail once again, I understand very much your point and wish to clarify you on this issue maybe we can forge ahead if my explanation will be considerable and understandable to you. (Yes, I enjoy forging, Nelson.)

The issue is that the financial condition of my client is completely sympathetic, you would not know or believe it if you are told, but that is the way it is. It is not that she is reluctant to show a sign of good will as you requested, I agree with you on your request. But your request is very risky in this matter because all her financial activities locally and internationally are being monitored by my government because of the problem her family is having with the Federal government of Nigeria over the looting of the Nigeria treasury.

If she has to wire the amount you requested to you, it becomes a risk for her because no bank will accept to transfer any money for her. This will expose her because she does not want any one to know about the transaction she intends doing with any one internationally. Like I have explained to you before, all her accounts within and outside Nigeria have been frozen by the government, the family now depends on the money being kept at the security company.

We have taken note of your rates and it shall be paid to you and a handsome reward also awaits you. The reason why she is offering some thing to you is because of the fact that you are going to use your money to finalize the transaction in Cotonou before the transfer of the fund to your main account in Australia. She intends to invest the fund in Australia with late Mr. Quixote before he died, you need not be worried about your fees. The total fund will be in your account for some time before reimbursement and disbursement of the fund.

Think about this matter and come to the rescue of this widow, she really needs our help to survive and succeed in all the plans she is making at this present time.

Mr. Kalu. (What? No 'Esq'?)

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