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Nelson asks a few questions:

Dear Mr. Quixote,

Thank you for your mail and apologize for my late reply. I had to consult my client Dr. Mrs. Mariam Abacha to let her know that I have gotten some one to receive the consignment and invest the money for the family. I also wanted to know if she will like to invest in Australia, she is very happy to deal with a retired person like you who already have experience in handling a big investment. This means that the business is set to take off now between you and my client. (Oh, goodie!)

Regarding the country to visit, I was expecting you to make your choice as per the country that will be very easy for you to enter without any visa problem. (Don't expect anything from Nelson, me ol' son. That way you will never be disappointed.) But if you can travel to any of the countries that I stated, that is fine. Then I will suggest you travel to Cotonou, Benin Republic here in Africa, which is the current base of the consignments.

I am suggesting this country (I had to look it up. it is the western neighbour of Nigeria) because I will easily meet you up in this country and be with you to give you all necessary and legal protection and guidance to ensure that every thing is concluded smoothly. I think this is a better idea; I want you to think about it and let me have your opinion so that I can begin now to process some papers you will need to make the claim of the consignment from the security company in Cotonou.

Concerning your party, there is no problem; it is a good idea to move with your faithful servant and wife (lady) so that she will take good care of you. It will also be an opportunity for me to meet know you more better. My client is in support of your decision, so go ahead and make your preparation to travel with them.

As we have started now to work together, I will write an agreement to bind the contract between you and my client, which I shall fax to you a copy of it to review and if you are, satisfied you can then endorse it and fax a copy back to me. This is very necessary in a transaction of this type because the two parties involved needs to be protected legally as this transaction is likely going to become a family-to-family business. Did you inform your wife about this transaction; is she in support of it? (Ah...)

I will like to have some information about you to write the agreement.

What are your full names and residential address?

What is your company's name and address?

How old are you?

I know you are married, how many children?

Are you capable to invest the money in Australia?

Have you controlled millions of dollars before?

What is the nature of your work or business before you retired?

Please kindly bear with me and give these information and answers to me, as a lawyer I have to be sure of whom I am dealing with since we have not known before. I am not saying that I don't trust you, it is good to do things the normal way so that there will be an evidence in case of any circumstances the both parties maybe in future. After I receive these information from you I shall advice you further on the next step.

Meanwhile, your travel has to be very urgent because my client wants the consignment lifted before the middle of next month, as the year is about to end. This means that you have to be in Cotonou on or before first week of November, will this be convenient for you? (What! And miss the Melbourne Cup?)



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