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Don Quixote de la Mancha provides some answers:

My Good Sir,

Thank you for your most timely and interesting correspondence.

I shall begin making arrangements to mount a campaign into the Republic of Benin forthwith. It will be most invigorating to be on the road again.

Which airline would you recommend?

I will now endeavour to answer your questions without burdening you with too much of my life's calamities and misfortunes.

My full name is Don Quixote de la Mancha. It is an inherited title, passed down from mother to son over countless generations.

My company's name? My good sir, I have no company worth naming! I am a retired gentleman, living on the accumulated wealth of a virtuous and frugal life.

My age? I am in my 76th year!

My good wife, Hacienda, passed to her heavenly reward some five years ago. I now live with a female companion, a angel by the name of Dulcinea. At my age you could hardly view this as an immoral arrangement! My children? I had two but they have grown up and left the the villa. Sancho Panza, my faithful servant, is like a son to me. Both of Dulcinea and Master Panza back my judgement to the hilt and will follow me wherever I lead them.

You ask me, Don Quixote de la Mancha, if I am able to invest money? Good Lord sir! I excel at investing money! Admittedly there have been a few occasions where circumstances totally outside of my control did mean that my returns were, shall we say, meagre but, am I actually capable of investing? Most assuredly so.

Now, on the question of handling millions of dollars, I must admit that this has been a rare situation in my life. Admittedly the estate is worth a considerable amount of money but is is not in a form that is readily exchangeable for a pint of lager at the public bar at the Tilted Windmill. But I see no difficulty with concept. It is like handling ten dollars only much heavier, I believe.

My work before I retired? I, Don Quixote de la Mancha, did not work! I presided! I presided over the running of the vast farming estate, the Tortilla de Huevos de la Patata. By far the largest one of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

I trust that this information is sufficient for you to complete the documentation.

Yours most humbly,

Don Quixote.

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