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Nelson wants a big brother.

Dear Mr. Quixote,

I wish to ask for your permission to allow me to refer and call you my BIG BROTHER whenever I am writing or calling you. I have taken this decision to take you as a big brother because of the way you write me, you are a very wonderful man I will like to meet and I cannot wait to meet you. Are you a full citizen of Australia by birth?

Anyhow, thank you for giving me a detail information about you, I have written the agreement and will fax a copy to you so that you can review it and sign if you are satisfied with it. And I have also written to the security company (Costal Security Company SARL) in Cotonou, Benin Republic notifying the company that my client Dr. Mrs. Mariam Abacha wishes to change the ownership of he deposit to your name since you will be going to claim it on her behalf.

I am now expecting the company to acknowledge my authorization and also to effect the change. I will also fax to you the documents I will receive from the security company on the request, which I shall fax the copies to you for your perusal and record keeping. The documents you will be receiving includes the following, Certificate of Deposit, Power of Attorney, Acknowledgement letter of change of Ownership and Receipt of payment covering the security storage charge.

These documents that I have listed will be requested from you by the security company when you arrive in Cotonou otherwise the consignment will not be released to you. When all the documents are complete, the security company will contact you in person inviting you to come over for the pick up of the consignment, it is at this stage that you will immediately fly to Cotonou, Benin Republic where I will also be coming to meet with you for a smooth conclusion of the transaction.

The best airline to fly to Cotonou, Benin Republic is Air France; you donāt need to bother yourself about visa. (Caveat aviator: flyer beware! One of the Nigerian 'tricks' is to get their victim to lob into the country of their choice without a visa. You are never more alone than sitting in a cell in a third world country, no friends, no visa, no prospects. I have read about it, this is the first one to try it on me.) You can just book your reservation, buy your ticket and fly to Cotonou, Benin Republic. I will arrive in Cotonou, Benin Republic a day before you because I have to make an arrange with the security company officials to pick you at the airport upon your arrival.

Finally, if you receive the agreement just study it and make any amendment if necessary and then I will re-type again and send to you for signing but if it is ok, then sign and send a copy back to me. And please, you must not tell any one about your visit to Benin Republic, the transaction must be kept very secret between you, myself and the security company otherwise we expose ourselves into risk.

Best regards,


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