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Don Quixote de la Mancha was a bit slck in replying so Nelson sends a prompt. (I've been off work for a day so I had no idea if the fax had come.)

Dear Mr. Quixote,

How are you doing Big Brother? I was expecting that you would email me yesterday since you did not receive the agreement and other documents I told you I would be sending to you. (I didn't think it polite to ask, Nelson.)

Anyway, hope you are fine. I have today sent to you by fax the agreement, my client has already endorsed and I signed as her witness. I will like you to review the agreement like I told you and then if you have any amendments to make, I will retype and we sign again before sending to you. But if it is ok by you, then go ahead to sign it and send a copy to me.

Furthermore, I have given a power of attorney to the security company to effect the change of consignment ownership to you your name and it has been done and acknowledged. I also sent a copy of the acknowledgement to you. You will receive the power of attorney, acknowledgement of change of ownership and the certificate of deposit. I will like you to confirm receipt of this documents and you should fax back a copy of the agreement being signed to my fax number 234 1 7594274.

Finally, the security company will be contacting you very soon as you are now the beneficiary and they will probably issue another certificate of deposit to you since the ownership has been changed. (That was probably the phone call that came at 3:30 am the other night.)In case you hear from them, do not hesitate or delay to notify me so that I will advice you further on what you have to do. Are you making the preparation to fly to Cotonou, Benin Republic this month? Please it is very important, arrange your trip urgently.

Best regards,


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